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Daniel G. Korte

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Korte joined LMI as Chief Executive Officer in March 2014 and was elected to the Board of Directors in August 2014.

Prior to joining, Dan was President of the Rolls-Royce Defense business responsible for the strategy and performance of the $4 billion global defense aerospace business. Before joining Rolls-Royce, Dan spent 24 years with The Boeing Company in St. Louis where he began his career as an engineer and then moved progressively through leadership positions related to engineering, procurement, and program management, with his last position being the Vice President and General Manager for Global Strike Systems, a division of the Boeing Military Aircraft business. Dan has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University and a Master of Business Administration from Lindenwood University, Missouri. He also completed the Strategic Thinking and Management for Competitive Advantage Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

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Clifford C. Stebe, Jr. 

Chief Financial Officer

Cliff joined LMI as the Corporate Controller in June 2010, and was appointed Chief Financial Officer in November, 2013.

Prior to joining LMI, Cliff worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP for approximately twelve years, where he held various positions, including Senior Manager of Assurance and Business Advisory Services during his final four years at the firm. 

Cliff has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from St. Louis University with a double major in accounting and finance, and he is a Certified Public Accountant.

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Joseph DeMartino

Chief Operations Officer

Joe DeMartino joined the Company as Chief Operations Officer in August 2014.

Prior to assuming his current position Joe was a principal with DRB Consulting & Coaching. Previously, he spent eight years with GKN Aerospace, most recently as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Aerospace Structures located in St. Louis and Cromwell, CT. Joe also held key leadership roles with the Stevenson Group, AGC, Inc., and GKN Westland Aerospace. He began his career as an engineer in the Douglas Aircraft division of McDonnell Douglas Corporation.

Joe has an Associate of Applied Science in Aeronautical Engineering from the Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, and continued his education in a mechanical engineering program at Fairfield University and holds a Executive Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business.

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Jay P. Inman, Jr.

President, Engineering Services

Jay joined LMI as the Vice President of Engineering Services in January 2014, and was appointed to the role of President of Engineering Services in September 2014.

Prior to joining LMI, he was the Director of the Integrated Product Team on the Bombardier 7000/8000 Wing Development Program for Triumph Aerostructures, where he spent five years in program management positions. Previously, Jay spent eight years with Aviation Partners Boeing including six years as the Vice President of Programs. He also worked 18 years with Vought Aircraft in various engineering and engineering leadership roles.

Jay has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University.

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Brian P. Olsen

Executive Director, Business Development

Brian originally joined LMI in 2002 as a Market Sector Director, and became Regional Vice President in 2003. He left LMI in 2005, but returned in 2010 as the Director of Contracts. He was appointed Executive Director of Business Development in 2011.

Previous to joining LMI for the second time, Brian was President of Empire Aero Center in Rome, NY. He also has served as General Manager of Milgard Manufacturing, President of Sierra Manufacturing, and he spent 15 years with BF Goodrich/Tramco in various leadership and marketing roles.

Brian has a Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Washington with concentrations in marketing and finance.

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Renée Skonier

Executive Director, Legal - Chief Compliance Officer

Renée joined LMI as Executive Legal Director in October 2011 and was also appointed Chief Compliance Officer in May 2014.

Prior to joining LMI, Renée was Corporate Counsel at Cisco Systems for seven years, primarily supporting the Global Government Solutions Group in Research Triangle Park, NC. She began her career at The Boeing Company working in the Rotorcraft division’s contracts group in Philadelphia, PA and supporting both the export management and contracts functions for Missile Defense Systems in Arlington, VA.

Renée has a Juris Doctor from Villanova University School of Law.

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Jane F. Strauss

Manager, Executive Support Services

Jane joined LMI as Executive Assistant to the CEO and COO in 2011 and was appointed the Manager of Executive Support Services in July 2014.

Prior to joining LMI, Jane was the Senior Manager of Business Services & Process Improvement at Novus International, Inc. where she worked for four years. Jane has also held executive support and office management positions for GKN Aerospace, AET LLC, and Corporate Express Promotional Marketing.

Jane has a technical certification in Computer Information Processing from Barnes College in Denver, CO.


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Deborah A. Guse

Manager, Communications and Branding

Deb joined LMI with the acquisition of Valent Aerostructures, and in May of 2014 she was appointed the Communications & Branding Manager of LMI. Prior to joining LMI, Deb was the Senior Executive Assistant for Tech Investments LLC.. Deb previously served as the Executive Assistant – Quality Assurance and Compliance with HSBC Midwest Division HQ in Overland Park, KS and as the Branch Sales Manager for HSBC Beneficial in Shawnee, KS.

Deb has a Bachelor of Science in management from the University of Phoenix.

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Lawrence E. Dickinson, III
President, Subsidiary

Ed joined LMI in 1993 as the Chief Financial Officer, and in November 2013 he was appointed to President of Valent Aerostructures, a subsidiary of LMI Aerospace.

Prior to joining LMI, Ed spent nine years at LaBarge, Inc. first at Assistant Controller and Financial Analyst and then as Controller.  Previously, he was a Cost Accountant and Credit Analyst at the Monsanto Company and a Staff Accountant for Waller & Crook, CPA in Alabama.

Ed has a Bachelor of Science in accounting from the University of Alabama and an Executive Master of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis.

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Robert T. Grah
Chief Operations Officer, Subsidiary

Bob joined LMI in 1984 as Production Control Manager and leadership positions of progressive responsibility since then.  He started-up and was General Manager of the Tulsa finishing operation, was appointed Regional Vice President in 2002, and Chief Operating Officer in 2010.  

Prior to joining LMI, Bob held management roles for Associated Transportation and Beneficial Finance.

Bob is a veteran of the US Navy and has further education at Florissant Valley Community College.

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Michael J. Biffignani
Chief Information Officer

Mike joined LMI in 1999 as Chief Information Officer.

Prior to joining LMI, Mike spent 16 years with the Boeing Company (previously McDonnell Douglas), the last three of which he was a Director of Information Services. His previous positions with McDonnell Douglas included various roles of increasing responsibility in engineering business management.  Mike also worked with Sony Professional Products as a Material Control Manager and a Special Products Audio Engineer.

Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri at Rolla, and he is near completion of a Master of Engineering – Acoustics from Penn State University. He also completed the 12 month McDonnell Douglas Executive Development Program and the Boeing Executive Development Program.

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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­David R Martin
Executive Director, Estimating and Design/Build

Dave joined LMI in 2005 as the Director of Estimating and R&D, and in 2010 was named the Executive Director of Advanced Products, and in 2012 the Executive Director of Estimating and Design/Build.

Prior to joining LMI, David worked 23 years for the Boeing Company (formerly McDonnell Douglas) in St. Louis in positions of increasing responsibility in engineering and program management. These included Program Manager for the ScanEagle Unmanned Aircraft System and Deputy Program Manager for the JDAM program, which included derivative development and International Programs. 

Dave has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri at Rolla and a Masters of Engineering Management, with an emphasis in Strategic Planning from Washington University in St. Louis.

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Brian R. Coxon
Executive Director, Research and Development

Brian joined LMI in 2009 as General Manager of Integrated Technologies, Inc. (Intec) when it was purchased by LMI.  In 2011 he was appointed Director of Research and Development, and in January 2014, Brian was appointed Executive Director of Research and Development.

Prior to joining LMI, Brian was an owner and executive of Intec, a composite testing and manufacturing company that he helped found in 1989. He began his career with the Boeing Commercial Airplane Advanced Composite Development Group as a Stress Engineer.

Brian has a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from Iowa State University and a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle.

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Thomas M. Dorff
Executive Director, Quality

Tom joined LMI in 2008 as the Director of Quality, and in January 2014 he was appointed Executive Director of Quality.

Prior to joining LMI, Tom spent seven years with GKN Aerospace in St. Louis, first as the Director of Quality and then as Senior Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement.  He also was employed for 21 years with the Boeing Company in Ridley Park, PA, beginning as an assembler and, when he left, as a Senior Manager for Supplier Quality Assurance.

Tom has a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from Villanova University in Villanova, PA, an MBA from St. Louis University, and is a veteran of the US Navy.

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David A. Fillmore 
Director of Processing

David joined LMI in 2013 as the Director of Processing.

Prior to joining LMI, David worked for Spirit Aerosystems in Tulsa, OK first as the Director of Production Engineering and then as the Director of Business Jets. Previously, he spent 22 years with, the Boeing Company, and then Spirit Aerosystems in Wichita, KS, where he began as a tool builder and then held Senior Manager positions in Fabrication, Processing, and Assembly; Environmental, Health, and Safety; and Facilities Maintenance and Site Services.

David has a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Technology, and a Master of Business Administration both from Southwestern College in Winfield, KS. He also holds Certificates in Lean Enterprise Systems from the University of Tennessee and in Japanese Gemba Kaizen from the Shigijutsu Company in Japan.

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Ronald S. Saks

Ronald Saks serves on the Board as Non-Executive Chairman. He served as Chief Executive Officer and as a director of the Company from 1984 to March of 2014. Prior to his employment with the Company, Ronald was an Executive Vice President with Associated Transports, Inc. for eight years. Prior to that, he was a tax Manager with Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co., now known as KMPG Peat Marwick LLP; also for eight years. 

Ronald obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration from Washington University in 1966. He also studied engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and completed an executive education program at Stanford University. In addition, Ronald is a Certified Public Accountant.

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Joseph Burstein

Joseph Burstein has been a director since 1984, serving as Chairman of the Board from 1984 to March 2014. Joseph has extensive entrepreneurial and managerial experience, including an executive role in the Company, providing valuable insight in long-term strategic planning, the operations of the Company and supervision of management in implementing corporate policy and goals. Such background and experience is particularly relevant to his service on the Compensation Committee and the CG&N Committee.

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Sanford S. Neuman

Sanford Neuman has served as a Director and Assistant Secretary since 1984. Mr. Neuman is a Senior Partner at the law firm Polsinelli PC, which he joined in 2012. Prior to joining Polsinelli PC, Mr. Neuman had been a Member of Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, L.C. for more than thirty years. Mr. Neuman served as the Managing Member of Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, L.C. from May 2000 until he was elected Chairman on March 31, 2005. Mr. Neuman’s legal background, together with his leadership role in the management of a major St. Louis law firm and his long association with the Company, give him valuable insight into the Board’s supervisory responsibilities of management and corporate governance matters, including legal and regulatory compliance. Such background and experience are particularly relevant to Mr. Neuman’s service as Chair of the CG&N Committee.

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John M. Roeder

John Roeder has served as a director since 2003. John has acted as a financial consultant since 1999. Previously, he was an Office Managing Partner of Arthur Andersen an international accounting firm.  Mr. Roeder was formerly the Director in Residence at The Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance of The University of Texas at Dallas – School of Management and a member of the board of directors and the audit committee of Fiduciary/Claymore MLP Opportunity Fund (a Guggenheim fund), which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol FMO. From 2005 through 2008, Mr. Roeder was a member of the board of directors and the audit committee for Fiduciary/Claymore Dynamic Equity Fund, which was traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol HCE. His extensive experience in, among other things, corporate finance, accounting, and strategic planning is particularly relevant to his service as Chair of the Audit Committee.

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John S. Eulich

John Eulich was elected as a director in August 2005.

Since March 11, 2010, Mr. Eulich has also served on the Board of Directors of Enterprise Financial Services Corp., which is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol EFSC. He served as President of Mark Andy, Inc., a subsidiary of Dover Corp, from 1989 to 2003 and as President of INDEECO (Industrial Engineering and Equipment Company, Inc.), a privately held manufacturer of electric heaters and controls, from 2008-2011. He served as Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of ASPEQ Holdings, Inc., the parent company of INDEECO since July 1, 2008. Mr. Eulich’s extensive executive experience, especially in manufacturing, finance, marketing and human resources, is particularly relevant as the lead director and as a member of the Compensation and Audit Committees.

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Judith W. Northup

Judith Northup was elected to the board of directors in May 2006.  

Ms. Northup served as an executive officer of Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc. (now owned by Triumph Group, Inc.), a large aircraft manufacturer and assembler, from 1997 until her retirement on March 1, 2006. On June 30, 2014 Ms. Northup retired from the board of directors of Exostar, a provider of secure collaboration and integrated supply chain solutions to the aerospace and defense industries. Her extensive executive experience in the aerospace and defense industries, including operational experience, particularly in manufacturing, supply-chain management, human resources and corporate governance, provides valuable and relevant insight into the Company’s business operations and long-term strategic goals and business plans and is particularly relevant to her service as the Chair of the Compensation Committee and a member of the CG&N Committee.

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Gerald E. Daniels

Gerald (Jerry) Daniels was elected to the board of directors in July 2014.

Jerry is a retired aerospace/defense industry executive. He has served as chief executive of the Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems Company and as chief executive and vice chairman of Engineered Support Systems, Inc., both headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Daniels served as the CEO and vice chairman of Engineered Support (NASDAQ: EASI) from 2003-2004. During this period, the company’s stock more than doubled in value and the company was recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

Daniels served from 2000-2003 as President and CEO of Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems. This company ($13 billion annual sales) designed, produced and supported fighters, bombers, transports, rotorcraft and weapons for the United States and its allies around the globe. Prior to this assignment, Daniels was vice president and general manager of U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Programs for Boeing, responsible for the F/A-18, AV-8, T-45 and V-22 aircraft programs. He simultaneously served as manager of Boeing’s St. Louis operations.

Daniels holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and a master's degree in international relations from the University of Southern California. He was an Olmsted scholar studying international relations at the University of Munich from 1973 to 1975.

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Gregory L. Summe

Gregory L. Summe was elected to the board of directors in July 2014.

Gregory is the Founder and Managing Partner of Glen Capital Partners LLC., an investment manager specializing in companies undergoing significant operational, strategic or capital structure change. From 2009-2014, Mr. Summe was the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Global Buyout at the Carlyle Group. He was a member of the Firm's Operating Committee and responsible for the Buyout Funds in Financial Services, Infrastructure, Japan, the Middle East and Africa. Mr. Summe’s focus was on developing new investments, helping to drive portfolio company improvements, and raising new funds, including the Sub Saharan Africa Fund. 

Prior to Carlyle, Mr. Summe was the Chairman and CEO of PerkinElmer, Inc., a company he led from 1998 to 2009. He joined PerkinElmer in January 1998 in the role of President and Chief Operating Officer and in 1999 was elected Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. He also served as a Senior Advisor to Goldman Sachs Capital Partners from 2008 to 2009.

Mr. Summe serves as the Chairman of the Board of Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., (FSL) and as a director of Automatic Data Processing Inc. (ADP), and the State Street Corporation (STT). Mr. Summe holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Kentucky and the University of Cincinnati, and an M.B.A., with distinction from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is in the Engineering Hall of Distinction at the University of Kentucky.

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Larry Resnick
Special Board Consultant

Mr. Resnick founded AeroAdvisory, LLC in 2010 to provide strategy development and deployment, business development and all aspects of acquisition support within the aerospace industry for private, public and private equity owned businesses.

Mr. Resnick currently serves as CEO and on the Board of Cadence Aerospace, Inc. Cadence Aerospace’s seven companies generate revenue of approximately $300,000,000 and provide machining and assembly services to Boeing, United Technologies, Spirit Aerosystems, Airbus, Honeywell, and others in the aerospace and defense industry. Cadence is owned by Court Square Capital Partners and Cadence’s management team.

In 2013, Mr. Resnick led the fundraising for the successful management buyout of Aviation Technical Services from Marquarie Capital (USA) Inc., and currently serves on its Board. In 2011, he provided buy-side advisory services to Inverness Graham Investments for its purchase of Nobles Worldwide, Inc. the preeminent supplier of medium caliber ammunition feed chutes and gun mounts to the DOD and Allied militaries, and serves on Nobles’ Board. Since 2010, he has worked with LMI Aerospace, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:LMIA), most recently as its Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors. He served on the Board of Vermont Composites, Inc. (aerospace and medical composite design/build) from 2009 until its sale to Kaman in November 2011 by Vincente Capital Partners.

In 2008, he was recruited as CEO of Taurus Aerospace Group to lead the company through a period of significant organic and internal growth within the global aerospace industry. Taurus’ primary holdings were Aviation Technical Services and Brek Aerospace and had revenue of approximately $300,000,000.For the six months prior to joining Taurus, Mr. Resnick was co-lead of Arsenal Capital Partners’ aerospace and defense practice.

From 1996-2007, he was with Triumph Group, Inc., most recently as SVP-Operations, where his responsibilities included strategic planning, acquisitions, acquisition integration, supply chain management, lean enterprise implementation, business development and corporate marketing. During his tenure leading the acquisition activity at Triumph, the parent company acquired eleven companies and three product lines that accounted for in excess of 39% and 58% of consolidated parent company FY 2008 Forecasted Sales and EBITDA, respectively.

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