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lmi aerospace composite manufacturing

Composite Manufacturing

lmi aerospace composite manufacturingLMI’s composite manufacturing team produces advanced materials parts and assembly structures to meet the varied needs of our customers. We also produce fixtures and specimens to support our testing facility. Whether we are building high-temperature composite engine parts or developing new process parameters for experimental polymer hybrids, our versatile manufacturing team has the knowledge, advanced processing equipment and tooling to make it happen. 

Wide Range of Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Specimen and panel manufacturing
  • Fixture manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping and tooling
  • Production of parts and assemblies
  • Custom containers

We can fulfill customer-supplied build-to-print plans but many of our customers choose to use our Process Design Center to determine the best processes, tooling, material, and structural approach to optimize production rate and performance criteria while minimizing risk and costs with AS-9100 compliant quality processes.

Our production-process facilities include high-temperature autoclaves, large vacuum ovens, VARTM, RTM, 3- and 5-axis CNC milling, and automated inspection equipment. Parts are manufactured using a variety of processes and materials including epoxies, BMI, polycyanates, polyimides, thermoplastics, ceramics, and metal matrix in laminate and sandwich forms.

Composites Technology Center of Excellence  

Manufacturers are moving toward light-weight composite materials for their next generation of aircraft. LMI is at the forefront of this developing technology. We are a world-class leader in all aspects of composite design, analysis, build, test and certification. Our Composites Technology Center of Excellence focuses on cost-competitive, efficient composite solutions for our customers.