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lmi aerospace materials testing

Materials Testing

LMI conducts mechanical testing at every level of complexity, from material evaluation of basic coupons and bolted joints, to environmental and fatigue testing, and element and full scale testing. LMI specializes in testing a wide range of advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials for our customers ensuring their materials and structures meet the demands of commercial, regional and military aviation.

Operating in dedicated testing facilities, programs are run to evaluate basic mechanical properties such as stress and strain as well as more complex interrogations of damage tolerance and residual strength. Beyond mechanical testing, LMI offers a full range of material characterization and environmental exposure solutions to fully evaluate material and structural performance under a variety of conditions.

  • NADCAP Certified Non-metallic Testing Facility
  • ISO17025 & AS9100 Accredited

Advanced R&D Capabilities

We also help customers research and develop new materials, and manufacturing and repair techniques that enhance performance, reduce costs and increase speed to market. Our experience testing thermoset and thermoplastics gives us a better understanding of formability, manufacturability and performance. Collaborating with the rest of the engineering and manufacturing team, our testing experts help develop innovative techniques to manufacture parts from these advanced materials.

Complete Material Testing Capabilities

Mechanical Testing (Typical: -100°F to 650°F Environment)

  • Static (Strength & Modulus)
  • Fatigue (Constant Amplitude, Spectrum)
  • Fracture Toughness (CT, R-Curve, DCB, ENF)
  • Impact Resistance & Damage Tolerance
  • Ultrasonic NDI, Certified NAS 410 Level 2 Inspectors

Physical Properties & Material Characterization

  • Thermal Analysis (TMA, DMA, DSC)
  • Fiber/Resin/Void Volume Fraction Analysis
  • FTIR
  • Microscopy

Environmental Exposure

  • Elevated Temperature & Humidity
  • Thermal Cycling R&D, Allowables, Material & Product Acceptance
  • Fluid Soaks; Jet Fuel, Skydrol, MEK, etc.


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