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lmi aerospace structural and element testing

Structural & Element Testing

testing_body.jpgMaterial assessments alone are not enough to predict the final performance of composite and metallic structures throughout the life of the aircraft. Structural and element testing gives our customers a higher level of confidence and gives the FAA and other global authorities the higher level of safety they are looking for in a final structure. Whether you need to test new, aging, or repaired structures and elements, LMI has the capabilities to meet your testing requirements.

LMI has the equipment and experience to simulate a variety of environmental conditions encountered by an aircraft structure during flight through multi-actuator static loading or multi-life cycle fatigue. Composite floor beams, helicopter tail booms, winglets, flaps, slats and other control surfaces have all been successfully tested and passed certification at LMI’s testing facility.

Complete Element & Component Testing Capabilities

  • Up to 650,000 lbs. Load Capacity
  • Frames are Static and Fatigue Capable
  • Up to 250 Channels of Strain
  • Fixture Design & Manufacture

Full Scale Testing of Aircraft Structure

  • Load Floor & Strong Back Customizable Load Frames
  • Five Independent Actuators (expandable); up to 500,000 lb. load
  • Static, Fatigue, and Hot/Wet testing
  • Up to 250 channels of strain
  • Custom Fixture Design & Manufacture; “Infinitely Rigid” & Compliance Calibrated

Proven Experience

  • NOTAR Tail Boom
  • BBJ Winglet Certification
  • F-16 Flaperon Fatigue


For more information on LMI’s material and structural testing capabilities or to request a quote on a testing work package, please contact: