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assemblies_body (1).jpgLMI is an industry leader in the assembly of multiple-detail components into larger subassemblies or finished assemblies. Our full-service operations include state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to assembly and integration of aerospace structures and are supported by dedicated project managers, engineers, and purchasing and production managers. We have successfully executed many programs, including large, complex aerospace assemblies for Boeing, Sikorsky and Gulfstream.

Maximize Quality, Efficiency and Performance

Our high level of expertise in designing and building major aerostructures and complex subassemblies sets us apart from numerous aircraft parts manufacturers. From machining to fabrication, our assembly experts employ a seamless, fully integrated approach to maximize quality, efficiency and performance. Using sophisticated processes and procedures, we design and develop assembly processes, tools and fixtures. We create visual work instructions, develop/implement Kanban systems, and manage an integrated supply chain.