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Design for Manufacturing & Cost

design_cost_body.jpgGetting the best value on your investment is about finding new ways to minimize cost, but not at the expense of quality. Whether we are designing a new aircraft or modifying an existing one, LMI has a systematic approach for maintaining product integrity while increasing efficiencies. Through cross-training on the factory floor and constant collaboration, our design and manufacturing engineers explore innovative ways of improving design to create easily producible products.    

We are also experts in structural weight optimization, which is critical to aircraft performance. By leveraging our expertise in primary and secondary structural aircraft design, we are able to meet critical product weight targets for both new and modified products. Early on in the process, we identify potential weaknesses and carefully assess the impact of our design concepts and modifications. Any potential issues are addressed before the designs hit the factory floor, and products pass through certification with flying colors.

Proven Experience with Weight Optimization Programs

  • Mitsubishi Regional Jet Tailcone
  • Bombardier L-85 Fuselage and Flight Control Surfaces
  • Lockheed F-35 Program—Center Fuselage Section
  • Boeing—All Platforms (many components)
  • Gulfstream—G650 / G280 Wing Structure (Spirit Aerosystems)
  • Airbus—Wing Structure
  • Sikorsky—CH-53K Fuselage Structure (Spirit Aerosystems)
  • Other FAR 23 & 25 Aircraft Weight Optimization Programs