Capabilities | System Design & Integration


System Design & Integration

sys_design_body.jpgToday’s aircraft are increasingly controlled and monitored by electronics. LMI has a high level of system design and integration expertise to meet the challenges of producing next generation structures, systems and components. We know how to manage the complexities of integrating electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, emergency systems and flight controls into the final aircraft structure. Our wide range of technical skills also include preparation of system testing plans, monitoring the test in our own facilities and writing the assessment reports.

For example, we are experts at integrating auxiliary power units (APUs) into the tail section of an aircraft. Our engineering team makes sure that all the components are installed correctly and that the structure has adequate strength to support the unit. Then we route all the transport systems to that component. We can also handle the systems architecture, including power management and environmental control systems. Through the development of concepts and schematic designs, we determine requirements for components such as the batteries, generators and other essential elements. 

System Design and Integration Capabilities

  • Electrical system design and development
  • Flight deck avionics modifications
  • Mechanical systems design and flight controls
  • Fuel system design and analysis, and APU integration
  • Power plant systems engineering
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems design
  • Environmental control systems
  • Testing planning, management and reporting