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Kitting & Distribution

kitting_body.jpg.jpegLMI provides its customers with a variety of aerospace kitting services. Assembling kits ourselves helps streamline the flow of components to our customers’ assembly lines. We create flexible solutions to meet our customers’ needs, engineering and designing kits in various shapes and sizes utilizing shrink-wrap, foam, labeled boards and customized cases. We also provide warehousing and detail storage facilities where finished goods may be stored and kitted to customer specifications.

Our efficient, in-house kitting services increase the efficiency of the assembly process, allowing our customers to enjoy the benefits of lower inventory, fewer suppliers and reduced floor space.

Efficient Logistics Management Services

LMI delivers value-added service to our customers through our distribution center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These facilities are designed with high-density storage and a narrow-aisle parts retrieval system that supports storage and direct shipping of products to our customers’ point of use. Warehousing and just-in-time delivery increases efficiency and reduces costs in support of our customers’ lean manufacturing processes.