Capabilities | Machining



machining_body.jpgOur machining capabilities range from simple 2-axis turning to complex 5-axis milling. We use the latest tool technology, cutting techniques and machining processes. High-speed machining pallet systems, robotics, lean manufacturing techniques and inspection provide our customers with the lowest possible costs. State-of-the-art machining, CNC controls, programming tools and highly trained operators ensure that the machined products we deliver meet the required specifications and exceed customer expectations.

New Technologies to Enhance Products

LMI invests in new and emerging technologies to enhance performance, improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Our recent innovations include:

  • Using Stronger Metals — Greater use of hard metals such as titanium, which is lighter than aluminum and much stronger
  • Operating at Higher Speeds — New equipment that operates at higher speeds, allowing us to make parts and more complex products faster
  • Producing more Efficiently — New machinery that requires only one block of sheet metal to produce the same part that used to require 50 sheets
  • Developing new Methods — Proprietary methods to machine composites that are critical for aerospace and defense components