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DFARS Notice

Notice: DFARS 2552.225-7014 Domestic Specialty Metals:

The purpose of this notice is to remind you of the necessity for full compliance with the contractual flow down DFARS requirement on specialty metals requirements, associated with any DoD subcontracts. LMI has received specific and mandatory flow down requirements on this subject from Lockheed Martin, Boeing & Northrop, which you will find attached.

Please note that the DFARS clause's Alternate I requires that you flow-down this requirement to all subordinate contractors/suppliers delivering any component that contains specialty metals. Also, there is no minimum quantity or dollar threshold exemption - any amount of specialty metal, from any tier of our supply chain, must be compliant with the DFARS clause.

Please review your own processes and procedures for compliance with the Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals clause, and communicate with your subcontractors and suppliers so they understand their responsibilities as well.